Jennifer Lopez has been splashing out her vast fortune to help a beloved aunt get the best cancer treatment in Germany.

The diva's 63-year-old aunt MYRZA RODRIGUEZ was losing her battle with ovarian cancer in a New York hospital when J.Lo came to her rescue and jetted her off to a specialist in Bad Heilbrunn, which is where illusionist Roy Horn was treated recently.

Family sources claim Lopez paid thousands to cover all the costs of the trip and the medical care at the other end, which has given Rodriguez - the sister of J.Lo's mother - a "new lease of life".

The source says, "What Jennifer did was an absolutely wonderful thing... They did a variety of treatments that will extend her life - holistic treatments, blood transfusions and genetic work."

Lopez's mother GUADALUPE tells America's National Enquirer, "She paid for everything. It was a great thing to do. Myrza was very sick."