Singing sensation Jennifer Lopez has lashed out at reports she's about to hire new husband Marc Anthony's manager TOMMY MOTTOLA - while failing to confirm she is a married woman.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK beauty and her spokespeople have still not officially announced the secret wedding at her Beverly Hills mansion earlier this month (JUN04) did take place, despite the fact pictures of the couple in wedding outfits have been published across the world.

Instead, J.LO moved to quash rumours she is poised to hire Mariah Carey's ex-husband Mottola - who used to head up SONY RECORDS - as her new manager.

In a statement Lopez says, "Earlier in the week there was a statement in one of the Hollywood trade papers indicating that Jennifer Lopez was in talks to be managed by former Sony executive Tommy Mottola.

"This information is not true and was never substantiated by Ms. Lopez or her company. The information is false, and currently Ms. Lopez is not in discussions with him, nor any other manager or management firm. All of Ms. Lopez's business dealings and transactions are handled by her business partner/manager SIMON Fields."

21/06/2004 14:37