Jennifer Lopez is considering penning a self-help book for celebrities to help them deal with the paparazzi.

The lovely Latina feels she's the perfect person to write such a guide because she has been the target of media scrutiny and paparazzi stake-outs for years.

She tells website MOVIEHOLE.NET, "Nobody likes to hear somebody in the public eye who they feel makes a lot of money, complain, so we don't, but it is a very strange thing.

"Nobody writes books about how to deal with that, so maybe I'll do that next."

Lopez admits the situation became so bad after her marriage to MARC ANTHONY last year (04) she was forced to become a prisoner in her own home.

She explains, "Eventually they figure out where you live, so I actually did pull back a little bit where you stopped seeing me everywhere all the time and I just stopped leaving my house, and that's the crazy part of it."

22/04/2005 02:30