Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez has laughed off long-standing rumours she has an extensive list of travel demands, blaming the media for exaggerating reports.
The Jenny From The Block hitmaker has previously been said to demand an all-white dressing room and hotel accommodation, decked out in white lilies or roses.
Other requests allegedly include grapefruit or lime blossom scented candles from beauty firm Jo Malone, humidifiers and a preferred room temperature of 26 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit).
But Lopez insists the demands that have earned her a reputation as a diva are unfounded - and any peculiar requests are probably down to her personal assistants who do their best to make her feel at home while she's abroad.
She says, "I think it's easier to make up this type of story rather than tell the truth. Like everybody in this profession, I have a list but I haven't seen mine in years.
"I'm sure it's got (sic) longer without me knowing it. Really, I don't have any special requests, it must be my team's doing. They know my likes and they just want me to be comfortable, but believe me, I'm a nice guest at hotels!"