Chart rivals Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears are set to do battle in department stores this September (05) when they both launch new fragrances.

Latina beauty Lopez is releasing her fourth scent, Live Jennifer Lopez, on 28 September (04), after the huge success of her previous perfumes - Glow, Still and Miami Glow.

Spears joined the beauty market last year (04) with her eau du parfum Curious, and has decided to launch her new fragrance Fantasy.

Perfume expert DAVID WOLFE, creative director for Donegar Creative Services, believes entrepreneur J.Lo will win the battle of the scents, saying, "Jennifer (will win). Have you seen Monster-In-Law? She's tough.

"My feeling is that this trend is going to last as long as celebrities do - I don't see it ending, only accelerating."

07/07/2005 09:05