The critically panned movie that brought Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck together has become one of the biggest opening weekend flops at the American box office.

The eagerly-awaited romantic comedy Gigli failed to make a dent on the top five at the weekend (01-03AUG03), and those who did go and see it were so bored they started making phone calls.

While the third and final installment of the American Pie franchise, American Wedding, took $34.3 million (GBP21.4 million) to land the top spot, Gigli finished seventh - taking a measly $3.8 million (GBP2.4 million).

And many cinema-goers who did pay to see the movie wished they hadn't.

One says, "It sucked. It totally sucked."

Another disgruntled film fan adds, "People were starting phone conversations and nobody minded."

Elsewhere, Johnny Depp's high seas action movie Pirates Of The Caribbean continues to fare well at the box office with another healthy $19.1 million (GBP11.9 million) take, while acclaimed horse racing drama SEABISCUIT ($17.4 million/GBP10.9 million) and Bad Boys 2 ($12.7 million/GBP7.9 million) complete the top five.

04/08/2003 02:36