Jennifer Lopez has her ex-husband OJANI NOA under constant surveillance since he publicised plans to release home videos of their brief marriage, according to his lawyer and manager.
The singer/actress successfully applied for a restraining order against her former partner to prevent him putting footage of their honeymoon in his mockumentary How I Married Jennifer Lopez: the J.Lo and Ojani Noa Story.
Earlier this month (Nov09), the star also launched a $10 million (£6.25 million) lawsuit against Noa, alleging he had violated terms of a confidentiality agreement he signed in 2005.
Noa slammed his ex after a court hearing where the restraining order was issued, claiming Lopez was "destroying his life" by taking exception to the personal video footage.
Now the Cuban is adamant he is under surveillance by members of Lopez's entourage.
His business manager, Ed Meyer, tells Life & Style magazine, "She's having him followed. We just ran the license plate of the car... and it goes directly back to Jennifer Lopez. Ojani's scared."
And his lawyer, Frank Sanes Jr., adds, "We have some concerns right now about the personal safety of Ojani. We believe he's under surveillance by someone."