Jennifer Lopez is immensely proud of her new clothing line SWEETFACE's debut at New York Fashion Week on Friday (11FEB05), despite being the first to admits she's "no John Galliano".

J.Lo's second collection, a more formal, classic alternative to her high-street label J.LO BY JENNIFER LOPEZ, hit the headlines over the weekend (12-13FEB05) after animal activists were disgusted by the amount of fur in her designs.

And while the line was deemed a success, Lopez admits she's has further to go before her creations can rival style gurus such as DIOR designer Galliano.

Lopez says, "Let's be real. I'm obviously not at the level of a John Galliano. There is an art to what he does that I admire. But I do have a certain style and a certain image that people respond to.

"It's not going to be mass. It's about making a smaller line, with better quality and better fabrics."

14/02/2005 21:42