Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband Ojani Noa was left stunned when he learned he'd be living across the road from the Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge this weekend (09-10Jul11).
The former waiter has been living at an ex-girlfriend's home in Hancock Park, Los Angeles and couldn't believe all the fuss going on in his neighbourhood on Friday (08Jul11), prior to the royal couple's arrival in California.
Noa's business manager Ed Meyer tells WENN, "He didn't even know the British consulate's home was right across the road until he went out to greet friends arriving for a pool party on Friday and there were S.W.A.T. cars and police everywhere.
"He lives next door to the home Patricia Arquette is renovating, so there has been quite a bit of chaos around there for weeks - but this was just over the top.
"Every time he went outside with a camera in the hope of getting a shot of his weekend neighbours, he was surrounded by police and security."
But the excitement of living across the road from the royals was wrecked when Noa realised the newlyweds would be meeting his ex-wife at a glitzy Hollywood function on Saturday night (09Jul11).
He is locked in a legal battle with Lopez over intimate home video footage he shot of their courtship and marriage.
Meyer adds, "That p**sed him off no end. The royals would be rubbing shoulders with his ex-wife at a big party and he couldn't get close, even though he's a neighbour."