Jennifer Lopez landed a movie role during a radio interview.

The 43-year-old actress answered a call from her agent while on air with Hot 99.5 in Washington D.C and couldn't contain her excitement when she found she has been given a part in a ''small movie''.

She said: ''Really? Oh my God! Really? Holy... How'd that happen?''

As the DJ tried to find out more about the news she continued talking to her agent, exclaiming: ''Oh my God, thanks you guys! I'm so excited! I'm on the radio right now!''

After putting the phone down, she explained: ''I just got this movie that I wanted. It's a great role and a lot of people wanted it.''

She was reluctant to give any more details about the film - such as its title or director - but modestly claimed it was a ''big deal'' for a ''little actress like me.''

Jennifer also claimed she does not intend to return to 'American Idol', saying work on the new movie would interfere with judging the talent contest.

The star's last role was in 'Parker', a crime thriller released in America in January this year.