The singer treated twins Max and Esme to a screening of new Disney film Cinderella and admits she and her daughter found the fairytale very moving.

She says, "We were both crying... and I walked out of that movie and I think the paparazzi got me and I was a mess.

"My face was red... Thank God I had my sunglasses on."

Lopez admits she's glad she was able to experience the film with both her kids - but had to persuade son Max to come.

She explains, "He was like, 'I don't wanna see a romantic movie'. I was like, 'You're going... It's gonna be fun!'"

The star doesn't think she'll have to persuade him to see her new animated movie Home, in which she voices the mother of Rihanna's character.

Lopez tells Access Hollywood, "They're dying to see this film. They know it comes it out March 27th. They told me. They're super excited about it. It's funny to be in something that they know about before I tell them."