Jennifer Lopez 's co-star Steven Tyler couldn't let the most recent episode of American Idol pass without a mention of J'Lo's infamous 'nip-slip- at the Oscars ceremony. Lopez wore a low-cut dress to the awards ceremony, with sheer-looking panels and a plunging neckline. Some eager TV viewers were apparently convinced that they caught a glimpse of J-Lo's nipple in an apparent wardrobe malfunction.
The next day the internet was awash with reports of the apparent 'nip-slip' and Jennifer's nipple even appeared to have opened its own Twitter account (though it didn't take off quite as quickly as Angelina Jolie's right leg, which gained over 16,000 Twitter followers over night). Steven Tyler waited until the cameras were running for Tuesday night's American Idol show (February 28, 2012) to make a dig at Jenny from the Block and her errant nipple. Pretending to be put out by the fact that Lopez was getting more attention than her, Tyler said "Ooh, who am I?" before pretending to sneeze and pulling down his shirt to reveal his own nipple. After asking Ryan Seacrest for help, Seacrest leant into the camera and simply said "that was an Oscars re-enactment, ladies and gentlemen."
J-Lo's stylist, Mariel Hann told People magazine that the dress fit the American Idol star perfectly and denied that there had been any id of wardrobe malfunction.