The singer and actress continues to juggle her TV role as Harlee Santos in police drama Shades of Blue with her music career, releasing the single Ain't Your Mama last year (16).

In December, Jennifer posted a selfie on Instagram showing a large bruise under her right eye, and has now revealed that the injury wasn't a result of a TV stunt as previously speculated, but due to an encounter with a heavy microphone in the studio.

"It's an unusual story, sometimes when I record records I lie down on the floor and they put the mic above me," she said during an appearance of Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday (02Mar17). "And I had never really realised how heavy those mics were, because they were always sitting in front of me and so I was never afraid of them. Now, I'm afraid of them... because the engineer was switching the microphone and it fell and it was literally a fifty pound weight! It fell on my face and I started bleeding."

Jennifer, 47, also explained that the photo she posted on social media sparked concern amongst her friends and fans, as well as one of her Shades of Blue co-stars who was worried that he accidentally hit her during a recently filmed fight scene.

"It's funny because I had done a scene with the character (FBI Agent Robert) Stahl, who is played by Warren Kole, and we had a very physical scene and he wrote (to) me when I posted that, and he was like, 'Did I do that to you?' And I was like, 'No baby, it was me, I did it to myself,'" she laughed.

Jennifer, who is currently appearing in her All I Have residency show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, also explained the reason she likes to sing lying down is simply because she finds the position more comfortable.

"I just find that when I lay down, I relax more when I sing and it's a different tone. I just like it," she shared.