Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez's split from husband Marc Anthony took its toll on the set of new action movie Parker - she was so depressed there were mornings she couldn't function or raise a smile.

The couple separated in July, 2011 after seven years of marriage, and Lopez admits she didn't have time to mourn the break-up because she was preparing to face off with Jason Statham in the new crime thriller, which started shooting a month later.

In the film, the On the Floor hitmaker plays a real estate agent ironically recovering from a divorce, and while Lopez had no trouble relating to her character, she found it tough to put on a happy face for the cast and crew.

She tells People magazine, "I felt like my whole world had fallen apart too. It was very hard to get up and go to the set every day because I was so sad about what had happened with my marriage... The biggest disappointment was that I wasn't going to be able to put together the perfect family unit. That fairy tale for them."

But her co-star Statham insists she hid her heartache well and fit right in on set.

He adds, "She came in with no airs and just mucked in like everyone else."