Jennifer Lopez calling it quits? With her second season as a judge on American Idol is well and truly under way, the R&B star has admitted that she might not be sticking around to see in what would be her third season. Whilst promoting her upcoming film; What to Expect When You're Expecting with her co-star Cameron Diaz on Ellen Degeneres' daytime chat show, she alluded to the fact that she is still unsure about whether she will be returning to the popular reality show once the current series is over.
J-Lo said to DeGeneres that although she does enjoy being on the show, she is unsure on what the future holds for her, both in regards to her time on and off the programme. Her hesitation to follow-up her turn as a judge on any upcoming series also came down to the fact that the show "locks you down" and she would be likely to miss a lot of things if she commits to another series, most notably her children growing up. She went on to mention to the chat-show host that as her children are getting old enough to go to school she wants to be around them to witness this as it happens and not be resigned to her duties on American Idol.
Should J-Lo leave her post on the show behind her, it will see her lose out on the reported $12 million she makes per season, $2 million more than what Christina Aguilera makes on The Voice and $3 million less than what Britney Spears is set to make on the American version of the X Factor.