Jennifer Lopez doesn't ''know'' if she's headlining the Super Bowl halftime show - but she would ''love'' to.

The 'Second Act' star was recently reported to be in talks to perform during the half-way point of the major annual sporting extravaganza, which takes place in Miami, Florida, next year, but she has played coy when asked about the rumours.

Appearing on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan', she told co-host Ryan Seacrest: ''I don't know.

''I know everybody's asking me.

''They're starting to think I'm telling people things.

''I don't know anything yet!''

The presenter then said that it would be ''a great thing to say 'yes' to in theory.''

And the 50-year-old superstar, who has a home in Miami with her fiance Alex Rodriguez, agreed: ''In theory, yes ... It would be.

''It's something that we've talked about for many years, and, you know, it would be nice. It would be nice. I can't say I wouldn't love it.''

Various sources told Us Weekly this week that the 'Hustlers' actress has held discussions with NFL bosses to make her dream gig come true.

The 'Waiting For Tonight' hitmaker also admitted in July that it would be ''a big deal'' to get booked for the huge gig - which saw Maroon 5 and Travis Scott perform this year and Destiny's Child reunite in 2018.

She said: ''Yeah, we've thought about the Super Bowl and it's in Miami, it's a big deal but we'll see. ''They make their own decisions over there.''

Meanwhile, the Super Bowl might not be the only major event Jennifer will be attending next year.

There has been Oscars buzz around her new movie 'Hustlers' - which follows a group of strippers as they seek revenge on their Wall Street clients - following rave reviews and Jennifer was overwhelmed with emotion when discussing the response.

Struggling to hold back the tears, she said: ''I've just been working hard for so long, for my whole life. It's nice.

''Sorry, you guys know I'm emotional!''

The reviews flew in after the movie's premiere at Toronto Film Festival at the weekend, and the singer-and-actress admitted she was ''crying'' in bed reading them all with her closest friend.

She said: ''I was literally sitting in my bed yesterday and they were sending me all the reviews.

''I could not believe it.

''I was crying, me and my girlfriend of 20 years were sitting there and she was trying to film me. I was like, 'Oh my God.'''

Jennifer admitted winning an Academy Award has been a dream since she was ''a little girl''.

She added: ''You work hard your whole life and you wonder if anybody notices in a sense, on that level, to be in that conversation.

''You have dreams when you're a little girl of being [at the Oscars], you know what I mean?''