Jennifer Lopez told Ryan Seacrest that it was merely other plans that had led her to quit 'American Idol', and it seems that despite reports to the contrary she was telling the truth. Rumours erupted that Lopez couldn't agree on a new fee for judging on the show, with the star reportedly wanting more than Fox could give her. However sources have told People Magazine that it simply wasn't the case, that she'd already had a pay rise to around $20 million plus bonuses for her second series, that she'd been offered a "comparable salary" to that, and that she genuinely did want to focus on other stuff.
At the time of quitting Lopez had told Seacrest "I could do Idol for the rest of my life, but that would be giving up a bunch of other things ... I have my movies and my music and my this and my that. It all kind of worked together for a while, but then it gets more complicated." Continuing, she'd said at the time, "I've never felt so much a part of a family of something I've been working on as I did with Idol. I didn't know I'd be moved so emotionally by working on the show and working with the contestants."
And it seems that she is focusing on family, her film career and other creative ventures, including her fashion business, according to the source.