Steven Tyler has been breathing life into the latest series of 'American Idol' since the beginning of the show at the start of January, offering a fine alternative to Jennifer Lopez ' sultry diva or the X Factor's La Reid's music business schtick and Simon Cowell's, well, Simon Cowell. As well as sticking up for singers at the more rock-orientated end of the contestant spectrum, he's also been the main go-to guy to bring the funnies, and last night at the live show he was again on form - making reference to a rather unflattering incident that may or may not have happened to fellow judge Lopez.
Midway through the show, the rocker commented "Who am I?" before sneezing ripping open his shirt to reveal his chest. The jape was in reference to Lopez' rumored nipple-slip at the Oscars at the weekend, which caused a great deal of speculation and several other asides, including a joke twitter account. Lopez and her stylist have both denied that it ever happened, and the red-faced star was forced to defend herself again, insisting "There was no nipple!"
It added some much needed spark to the program, according to Clicker, with a procession of contestants being given enthusiastic responses by most of the judges, offering the public no real insight as to who they should vote for other than what they had just seen from the performers themselves.