The singer and actress is convinced twins Max and Emme have no recollection of the time they saw their parents onstage together when they were babies, and the Radio City Music Hall reunion in New York was a special family moment.

Newly-single Lopez tells news show Extra her ex asked her to be part of his The Private Collection concert, during which Marc also brought out his musician father, Don Felipe Muniz, and she thought it would be a lot of fun.

"We haven’t been onstage together for about five years," she tells the news outlet. "It was good. He came to my show in Vegas, to see it; we’ve been talking about doing something.

"He said, 'I’m doing Radio City, will you do one of the nights with me?' I was like, 'Yeah, I’ll be in New York, I can do it', so it just worked out really well."

And the gig was extra special because the couple's kids were in the audience.

"I don’t think they remember the last time (we performed together); they were little... It was awesome. They just sat there and they were hearing the crowd... It was so moving... It was great."

It appears the onstage get-together may have brought the former couple back together professionally.

"We’re talking about doing some stuff together...," the salsa superstar reveals. "We don’t have anything to announce at this moment, but soon."

Meanwhile, busy J.Lo is still working on her Las Vegas residency, TV show Shades of Blue, and she recently signed on to play notorious drug lord Griselda Blanco in a new HBO movie - a role she admits will be a big test for her.

"When we announced the role, I actually had anxiety for a couple of nights...," she explains. "It’s intense. It’s scary to go into those places sometimes. I know what it is to do that as an actor, what it takes."