Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband found it ''very difficult'' to be close to her.

The singer-and-actress was married to dancer Cris Judd for nine months in 2001, and although he cherishes the time they had together, he admits their relationship floundered because of Jennifer's heavy workload.

He said: ''You have to have that balance of work and home life, and you have to have moments of intimacy. Her schedule was strenuous and there wasn't much downtime. If I wasn't travelling with her, it was very difficult to have those moments of closeness.

''Behind closed doors, Jennifer's a regular girl. But when you're in demand like that, there are a lot of things you sacrifice. Personal relationships are one of them. Your career can take the front seat and if you don't have a balance, it's not going to work out. The time that I had with her was beautiful and it's something I'll never forget, but I'm remarried now, so I'm happy.''

As well as her busy schedule, Jennifer always found the time to work out every day in their marriage and made both herself and Cris take care of their diet.

He added to new! magazine: ''She was very stringent on [her appearance]. We really watched what we ate and she worked out daily.''