J.Lo hit the stage at U.S. presidential nominee Hillary's Get Out The Vote concert in Miami, Florida at the weekend and made it clear she's a big Clinton fan - and has been for years.

She included her ex-husband Marc Anthony in her performance, and he also urged fellow Latinos to vote for the former First Lady, who will be up against Republican Donald Trump when Americans go to the polls on 8 November (16).

He tells news show Extra, "I really want people to feel good and I'm sick of all the dark, deceitful, hateful stuff that we've heard too much of, because we've gotta bring people together and lift each other up.

"What she (Jennifer) did tonight was so exciting."

Meanwhile, Lopez met up with Clinton at the bash and told the presidential wannabe, "I’ve got your back!"

And there's one main reason why J.Lo thinks her vote is safe with Hillary - the former Secretary of State is a great mum.

Lopez feels sure of this because she lives in the same New York apartment complex as Hillary's daughter Chelsea and her family.

"I live upstairs from her (Chelsea)," she explains. "I get to see how often she comes to see her daughter, how often she comes to visit her grandchildren...

"They're a good, decent, working family who knows this office, and I just feel like we will be in amazing hands... Not only is she (Hillary) the most experienced person for this job... she's lived it on so many different sides already."