Jennifer Lopez is ''flattered'' by the Oscar buzz surrounding her new movie 'Hustlers'.

The 50-year-old actress and singer - who stars as savvy former stripper Ramona at the centre of a scam in the movie - says it ''brought tears to her eyes'' to hear such positive feedback.

She told the Los Angeles Times newspaper: ''To wake up to that today was like, 'OK!' Obviously, I'm flattered. You work so hard your whole career ... I've done so many movies and I've done so many roles that I've learned to not do them for anything except that I love doing them ...

''It brings tears to your eyes. It's like, oh! Somebody liked what I did! I love doing this and it doesn't matter, but it does matter - it does make you feel like all my hard work is being recognised, and that's nice.''

Jennifer previously admitted she was worried about her sexy costumes for 'Hustlers'.

She said: ''It's not like me being onstage with a bunch of tights and fishnets on and bodysuits. Those are sexy costumes. This is another level. You're out there naked. You sign on to be an actress and take on a role ... once you do it, you kind of settle within yourself like, 'OK. I'm going to do this in the best way,' because that's why I started acting to begin with, was to get into different people's mind sets and explore life and humanity in different ways and that is exciting to me about doing it. This is something I would never do.''

Jennifer also admitted she felt sick the first time she watched 'Hustlers'.

She explained: ''When I watched the movie for the first time, I was like, a little bit sick to my stomach. I was like, 'Oh my God! What are they doing? They are going to kill this guy!' They were playing with fire. I'm a by-the-book kind of person. Like, I'm always afraid. I don't want to jaywalk or anything. They're going to get me.''