Tough times for Jennifer Lopez right now. Not only is she dealing with tabloid scandal, after her boyfriend Casper Smart was allegedly seen getting himself an exotic massage (since denied), but now, it seems, she is now filing a lawsuit against her chauffeur, who she alleges, blackmailed her. According to a report from Reuters, J-Lo is seeking a staggering $20 million in damages over the ordeal though, unless he was very highly paid chauffeur, it's looking unlikely that he would have that much money to shell out on a lawsuit.
Reuters have reported on the details of the allegations and apparently, Lopez's former driver Hakob Manoukian allegedly demanded $2.8 million from J-Lo, in exchange for 'not disclosing sensitive information,' that he overheard whilst he was driving the pop star and X Factor judge around. According to the report, Manoukian also made several "ominous threats" to Lopez, if the demands were not made. It appears that differences between Lopez and Manoukian first reared their ugly head earlier this year, when Manoukian was head of security for the Latino star. He had arranged for a number of workers to join her security team but the night before they were due to start work, Lopez announced that they were not needed and he was removed from his post as head of security.
Lopez claims that he then became "hostile and angry" towards her and filed a breach of employment contract lawsuit against Lopez last April. It would seem that the lawsuit was not enough to appease him, however and he turned to illicit means to get his point across.