Jennifer Lopez looks to be happier than ever in her new relationship with dancer Casper Smart, and has already promoted him from that role in her tour party to choreographer as a result. With the couple looking so close though, the rumours are that they might be ready to start thinking about children together.
"It would be a blessing," Lopez, who is already the mother of four-year-old twins, Max and Emme, told People in answer to the question of having more kids. "Every day . they just bring so much joy and happiness to your life, [and] they just bring you right back down to earth." However she's very aware of the pressure of being a single mother and would be wary of going through that again. "There's the guilt that comes along with it," she said. "You leave and they go, 'Don't go to work, Mommy!'"
In the same interview with people, Lopez turned her attention towards her twins, whom she had with former husband Marc Anthony. Speaking about mothering, she commented "So as long as that's . working in the right way, then I can dedicate whatever time I need to dedicate to my career. You just do the best you can, and say no when you have to say no."