Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez has been battling through a bout of bronchitis to promote her new single and her role as a judge on reality Tv show American Idol.

The pop superstar performed I Luh Ya Papi for the first time on U.S. Tv on Wednesday (19Mar14) as she debuted the song on American Idol, and she headed to a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres show in Los Angeles on Thursday (20Mar14) to chat about her new music.

But, during the interview with host Ellen DeGeneres, which aired in America on Friday (21Mar14), Lopez revealed she had been secretly suffering with the lung condition.

Discussing the nerves she still experiences before performances, the 44 year old coughed and said, "Especially when you have bronchitis like me right now. Sorry... I'm on the back end of it."

Her confession prompted DeGeneres to quip, "So glad I hugged you", before Lopez decided to tease the comedienne by cuddling up to her and jokingly wiping her hands on the presenter.

DeGeneres then told the studio audience, "There's a rumour going around that I am a germaphobe and I don't know how that got started; it's just that I don't want to get sick."