Superstar Jennifer Lopez is throwing a massive VALENTINE'S DAY (14FEB04) party in London - without her fiance Ben Affleck.

The actress/singer left staff at swanky city club THE COLLECTION scratching their heads after leaving detailed instructions about the love-themed bash, and a guest-list packed with A-list names - but not Affleck's.

A source close to J.LO says, "This isn't to promote anything. She doesn't have a movie, single or an album out.

"She's just throwing this party for a bit of fun and to let her hair down a bit."

But fans of the celebrity couple need not suspect a split - Affleck will miss the party because he's filming abroad.

The source adds, "Ben isn't on the list at the moment and the likelihood is he won't be going. He has a lot of work on and just can't fit it in.

"He's still promoting his film PAYCHECK around the world."

Affleck yesterday vowed he will marry Lopez - despite the cancellation of their planned wedding last September (03) - and told reporters in Britain J.Lo is an "amazing fiance" and that the pair are "strong together".

14/01/2004 08:35