Jennifer Lopez's trainer GUNNAR PETERSON insists anyone who goes to the toilet can get J.LO's perfect backside.

The fitness consultant to the stars, includes Penelope Cruz, Tiger Woods and Cameron Diaz among past clients, has let slip how the superstar maintains her famously fit body.

Peterson explains her toned look comes from a series of lunges with dumbbells in each hand and squats with weights held on a bar behind her neck.

He says, "Anyone who can sit on a toilet can do them."

But Peterson, who started working with J.Lo to get her fighting fit for her role in ENOUGH, claims Lopez's hard-working nature is the real reason she has a body to die for.

He gushes, "She's phenomenal as a person and in the gym. She's a gamer. You can take her through hard exercises, hard reps, slow cadence, whatever - she's right there with you. She's always on time and there to do the work."

14/07/2003 09:17