Jennifer Lopez is sure to upset millions of American fans by signing up to star in new ads for French fashion house Louis Vuitton.

Patriotic stars have already started attacking J.LO for agreeing to advertise French wares after the country refused to support the American-led war in Iraq.

But that isn't going to stop the pop star from teaming up with LV's leading designer Marc Jacobs for a series of new commercials.

Jacobs says, "I wanted a contemporary icon, a sophisticated, influential and sexy woman."

The ads will appear in magazines and on billboards this summer (03).

One patriotic celebrity who is upset by Lopez's decision is former GRIZZLY ADAMS star DAN HAGGERTY, who has written to American tabloid GLOBE to express his disgust.

He rants, "J.Lo, you're a traitor. She's just taking JUDAS money to front some French fashion designer. She should be ashamed."