LATEST: Jennifer Lopez's former make-up artist insists he and the superstar have gone their separate ways because she has yet to pay him for work he did the day she wed Marc Anthony.

Reports recently emerged that SCOTT BARNES was ditched by Lopez after four years, when she discovered he was leaking private information about her to the press.

But Barnes, who has worked with Kate Hudson and Uma Thurman, denies the reports, claiming their dispute is over the cash he's waiting to be paid for the work he did at Lopez's 5 June (04) surprise wedding in Beverly Hills, California.

Although he arrived thinking he would be getting her ready for the 2004 Mtv Movie Awards, he found himself instead preparing Lopez for her third trip down the aisle.

He tells US WEEKLY, "I came over on the pretence of business and ended up doing five times the work and wasn't paid.

"I've moved on. I'm working on numerous projects. All I really wanted was an apology, and it's sad that after four years I can't even get that."

09/09/2004 02:44