Latina beauty Jennifer Lopez has written a "special song" about her discovery Ben Affleck wasn't her 'Mr Right' on her forthcoming album REBIRTH.

The AIN'T IT FUNNY? star split with her Gigli co-star and fiance last January (04) after a high-profile romance, and married salsa singer MARC ANTHONY in June (04) following a whirlwind courtship.

And Lopez opens up about the painful split in the ballad THIS IS ME.

She explains, "It's a special song. It's different to everything else on the album. I had it originally for my Spanish album, but I decided to write it in English because it meant so much to me.

"It just came from a place of having been through situations in your life where you think something is one thing and it turns out to be another. It's terrible, but it's life.

"And I think we think we know people but we don't."

10/01/2005 09:41