Sexy superstar Jennifer Lopez has decided to shelve plans to tour in support of her latest album THIS IS ME...THEN - because she is concentrating on her acting career.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK singer had originally planned to tour to promote the record but couldn't turn down the chance of appearing opposite Richard Gere and Robert Redford.

J-LO will appear with Gere and Susan Sarandon in Shall We Dance? while AN UNFINISHED LIFE sees her teaming up with Redford and Morgan Freeman.

And the 33-year-old has already decided to tour when her next album is released.

She says, "I think I'm gonna wait. The question was like, 'Do we go out now when we're on the, like, third and fourth single of this album?'

"'Cause really, you go out at the beginning of an album. And so that's what we're gonna do. I'm gonna work on something else, and when that comes out I think I'm gonna go out right away, instead of like, 'Oh, maybe I'll go out after the second single.'"

25/07/2003 17:02