Superstar actress Jennifer Lopez is re-signing with former agents ENDEAVOR in the aftermath of her film disaster Gigli.

The Maid In Manhattan beauty left the company when she staged a clear out of staff in June (03), which included sacking her svengali manager BENNY MEDINA.

Lopez, who signed for CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY (CAA) soon after, felt caught between Medina and Endeavor when the two began to clash over her career - and decided to get rid of both in an effort to evade the friction.

But now Lopez has decided that the film work presented to her by Endeavor manager PATRICK WHITESELL was excellent, and in the light of the critical mauling she received over Gigli is keen to land more high-profile roles.

Whitesell is credited with bringing her Shall We Dance? with Richard Gere and Lasse Hallstrom's AN UNFINISHED LIFE - plus Monster-In-Law in which JANE FONDA is tipped to be her co-star.

Sources close the Latina lovely insist that she has no complaints with CAA - who were not responsible for signing her up for Gigli - but she is keen to resume business with Endeavor.

08/08/2003 14:05