LATEST: Hollywood couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are focusing all their efforts into promoting their forthcoming film JERSEY GIRL - following the disastrous performance of their movie Gigli at the American box office.

Following Jersey Girl director Kevin Smith's outburst yesterday (04AUG03) - where he suggested the couple have become the victims of a huge backlash - friends of the stars insist the glamorous pair haven't been affected by Gigli's damning reviews.

Instead, they are brushing aside the criticism and concentrating on their next big screen vehicle.

A pal of Affleck whispers, "They're fine. (Gigli director) MARTY BREST may have a problem. (Studio) Sony may take a beating. But Ben and Jennifer knew this was coming and will be able to ride it out."

Lopez's confidante adds, "Everyone has failures. She doesn't seem down. Her attitude is - 'next'."

05/08/2003 21:25