The SARS scare in Toronto, Canada, has prompted producers to veto a shooting schedule for Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere's new movie SHALL WE DANCE in the city.

Despite the fact the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION has lifted the travel advisory against Toronto, movie makers aren't taking any chances and they've relocated filming to Winnipeg.

The TORONTO STAR reports filming of the project will start this summer (03) in Winnipeg, costing about 100 locals in Toronto a job.

PAUL PFLUG, executive vice president of media relations for MIRAMAX - the company behind the film - insists there were more considerations involved in moving the production.

He says, "Many aspects of Winnipeg worked for the production. It is a mystery and is set in contemporary Chicago."

But the Star contends that OSCAR hit CHICAGO, which featured Gere, was shot in Toronto.

It's the second movie controversy to hit Toronto in the past week - HALLE BERRY's new movie CATWOMAN faces shooting problems in the city due to the SARS crisis.

30/04/2003 21:42