Superstar Jennifer Lopez has hit out at "crazy" stories about her fiance Ben Affleck's trip to a strip club - and insists she was aware he was planning to visit the saucy establishment.

The Changing Lanes actor went to BRANDI'S lapdancing club in Vancouver, Canada in July (03) - leading to a press frenzy reporting the JENNY FROM THE BLOCK singer had cancelled their wedding and split with the movie hunk.

American gossip magazine the NATIONAL ENQUIRER also claimed the actor used his fingers and tongue to make physical contact with an exotic dancer.

But J.LO stands by her man, insisting she knew Ben was going to the saucy establishment, and trusts he was on his best behaviour.

She says, "For me, it wasn't an issue. We talk every day. I know what he does. He knows what I do. We don't have those kind of secrets.

"It was ridiculous, because I knew he had gone. We just sat and read the articles together and said, 'This is just insane.'"

And the Maid In Manhattan actress looks forward to simple domestic tasks after the couple marry on Sunday (14SEP03).

J.Lo adds, "That doesn't mean I'm not a strong, independent woman. But I think when you're in a relationship you have to submit to a certain extent."

08/09/2003 17:23