Pop diva Jennifer Lopez is blaming her ex-manager Benny Medina for losing her the cover of fashion bible VOGUE - when the real culprit was the magazine's editor Anna Wintour.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK singer split from Medina last month (JUN03), and still holds him responsible because of a feud he had with Vogue writer ANDRE LEON TALLEY.

A source says, "Jennifer seems to think that Benny was once snubbed by Andre Leon Talley, so Benny refused all requests for her to be in the magazine."

The fact that J.LO did a three-day cover shoot for the magazine in December 1999 seems to have escaped her mind.

A Vogue insider says, "She was supposed to be 'The Millennium Girl' and it was going to be huge. But then nothing happened.

"Benny called Anna's office and she didn't call him back, because she had decided Jennifer 'wasn't Vogue material'.

"Jennifer even called Anna's office herself to see why her photos wouldn't run and Anna didn't call her back. After that, Jennifer said she would never work with Vogue again."

Jennifer's agent, Dan Klores, says, "If that was the case, then why has Anna Wintour been calling me for three weeks to put Jennifer on the cover?

"We are in continuing negotiations for an upcoming cover."

10/07/2003 20:56