Glamorous actress and singer Jennifer Lopez has been criticised by the animal rights group Peta for wearing fur.

An audition to star in the Glow After Dark reality show at Macy's department store in Downey, California, was running smoothly until protestors decided to take to the stage.

As one of the Peta protestors performed for the judges she said: "I think the most important thing about being a not only being sexy and being stylish, but is not wearing real f***ing fur."

Security guards then dragged her off the stage, but as she was taken away she managed to shout: "J-Lo, fur ho!"

Luckily for J-Lo, she was not at the event. Bootylicious Beyonce, however, was not so lucky during her run-in with animal rights protestors last year.

The singer was enjoying a meal at the exclusive Nobu restaurant in New York when two diners  who had won the prize of having a meal with her on eBay  confronted Beyonce and played a video of Pamela Anderson's attack on the fur industry.

Other celebrities who have come under fire include Nicole Richie, Ashley Olsen and Eva Longoria.

23/01/2007 16:17:05