Jennifer Lopez is reportedly road-testing Victoria Beckham's entire range of jeans, after Posh admitted she wants a model with a fuller figure to make sure the designs suit all girls.

J-LO's famous behind has been selected by Posh as the best tester for her new range of jeans, as the two have different body types.

A source told the Mirror: "Jen thinks Posh is incredibly stylish and has asked for some tips, but they've got different body shapes and she was concerned that things that look amazing on Posh wouldn't suit her at all."

The source added that when the pair met up at the Oscars, J-LO asked Posh if her jeans would look good on someone with "more hunk in their trunk?", so Posh offered to let her test out her latest designs.

And the two are now reportedly in close contact over J-LO's opinions on each pair of jeans, which look decidedly different on her derriere than Posh's.

The source added: "She's calling Posh daily to tell her what she thinks. She loves the quality and is chuffed that Victoria takes her input so seriously."

02/04/2007 15:36:01