There is a new trend in Hollywood, with stars increasingly leaving or suspending their day jobs to try their hand at a new trade.

But will their transition follow the way of Jennifer Lopez, who started as an actress but became more famous for her singing, or will it be more like supermodel Cindy Crawford's less than successful catwalk to silverscreen transference in FAIR GAME?

Halle Berry is the latest celeb to say she's not happy to be known simply as an actress but wants to show people she can sing too. Her debut album will be launched next February, but it remains to be seen if it's any good.

NATURAL BORN KILLERS star Juliette Lewis has gradually moved away from acting in order to further her singing career with her band THE LICKS.

Keanu Reeves and Russell Crowe have both dabbled in The Music world, but they have kept this fairly low-key, focussing instead on starring in Hollywood blockbusters.

Talented stars have won critical acclaim for reverting to the ways of classic performers by singing and dancing in modern-day films.

These include Reese Witherspoon who won an Oscar for her portrayal of JUNE CARTER CASH in the movie WALK THE LINE and Catherine Zeta-Jones who kicked up high and hit the right notes in the musical Chicago.

And two actresses who are married to musicians perhaps dipped their toes in their hubbies' domain by singing in their films. Nicole Kidman, who is married to KEITH URBAN, and Coldplay wife Gwyneth Paltrow both recorded songs for the soundtrack of movies: KIDMAN for MOULIN ROUGE and GWYNETH for DUETS.

So perhaps the trick is to not attempt to replace one career with another, but to introduce elements of the one you think you've got a knack for into the one you've already bagged an Oscar for.

22/12/2006 12:40:52