Rap mogul P DIDDY is praying Hurricane Francis misses his adopted Miami, Florida, this weekend (03-05AUG04) because he doesn't want his neighbours and himself to lose their homes.

Diddy, who has evacuated to New York, where he plans to wait out the storm, admits he'll be praying this weekend.

He says, "Hurricanes are no joke. People lose their lives.

"I'm a resident of Miami, so I'm very concerned and my prayers are out there that it (hurricane) just floats out into the ocean somewhere."

Diddy isn't the only celebrity effected by the incoming hurricane - Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias all have property in the eye of the storm.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has evacuated his MARA LAGO resort and shooting has been halted on socialite Paris Hilton new movie, which is filming in Miami.

03/09/2004 02:59