Jennifer Lopez has been given a boost in the wake of her split from husband Marc Anthony - the boss of a dating site for broken-hearted women has sent her flowers and chocolates. founder Ellie Scarborough is hoping her gifts of purple orchids, chocolates and notes of encouragement will cheer the singer/actress up as she attempts to move on from her third failed marriage.
The gifts were sent to Lopez's agent, who has offered to pass them on.
Scarborough says, "Jennifer is really the embodiment of a bombshell, completely in control of her life, determined to chase her dreams, and unapologetic about her femininity.
"She's bounced back from public break-ups in the past and held her head high; we absolutely support and encourage resilience like hers. This week, we wanted to send her some love and remind her there's a nation of girls out there who have been through it too and totally support her."
Lopez and Anthony announced their split at the end of last week (15Jul11).
She isn't the first star to receive gifts from the website - Scarborough has also sent out flowers and chocolates to Eva Longoria, Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson and Vanessa Hudgens.