Hot screen duo Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney have triumphed in a chart listing the sexiest movie scenes that don't actually feature any sex.

Film critics for British movie magazine EMPIRE compiled the top 50 steamiest sex-free moments, and deemed a scene from 1998 hit OUT OF SIGHT - featuring the two stars locked up in the boot of a getaway car - the worthy winner.

Even though the attractive pair don't kiss, the publication believes their on-screen flirtations are enough to send hearts racing.

It says, "Flirting for grown-ups by two of the most attractive people alive, with a bit of hostage fantasy and sly bondage thrown in - what's not to like?"

Second on the list is the swordfighting scene from The Mask of Zorro in which Catherine Zeta-Jones duels with Antonio Banderas.

Other memorable scenes to make the top 10 include Mena Suvari's pouting cheerleader routine in American Beauty, and the moment Olivia Newton-John dons her legendary tight trousers for the final scene in GREASE.

02/09/2003 09:21