BRITNEY SPEARS' shamed former publicist LIZZIE GRUBMAN is changing careers - to become a radio station gossip reporter in New York.

Grubman's first report for WNEW-FM - where Jennifer Lopez's sister LYNDA works - will be on goings-on in the Hamptons, Long Island, over the 4 July (03) weekend.

She says, "Now, I decided that if I can't beat the media, I'm joining the media."

Grubman, whose company also promoted rapper Jay-Z and the Backstreet Boys, served 37 days in jail after driving her sports utility vehicle into a crowd of clubgoers in New York's Hamptons two years ago (7JUL01) - injuring at least 16 people.

She notes, "So many people were involved, and you know, it breaks my heart every single day. I still think about it, and it'll never go away."

27/06/2003 19:22