Former couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have at least one fan of their critically-panned movie flop GIGLI - BRAD PITT.

The OCEAN'S ELEVEN hunk admits he enjoyed the 2003 movie, which performed embarrassingly at the box office and signalled the demise of J.LO and Affleck's much-hyped romance.

Pitt says, "I actually liked Gigli. I thought (the criticism) was unjust and more of a response to the oversaturation in the media. Affleck did some really great stuff in there."

And while he's a fan of Gigli, he echoes the sentiments of his stunning wife Jennifer Aniston by refusing to team up with his own spouse in a movie.

He notes, "You look at past case studies of couples working together in films, and the offs are really against us. You know what I mean?"

05/05/2004 02:41