The three American Idol judges all bum rushed the stage before contestant Jessica Sanchez could make it through a single verse of her rendition of 'Nobody's Supposed To Be Here.' The outspoken Jennifer Lopez was the first to the stage, storming over and snapping "gimme that mic!" She went on to say "Shall we dance?" and "why didn't all you b*tches watch ¡Q'Viva!?" - the show J-Lo presents alongside former husband Marc Anthony and Jamie King searching for talents Latino performers.

Entertainment Weekly angrily reported that the whole debacle was obviously staged, with co-judge Steven Tyler already announcing that the judges would use their save cards on the night after Jessica, JOSHUA LEDET and ELISE TESTONE ended up in the bottom three. Following on from J-Lo's rant, Randy Jackson then took to the stage to confirm that Jessica would be saved "without any doubt," adding "this girl is one of the best singers in America. Are you kidding me? Everybody please vote for the best." Steve Tyler eventually followed the judges onto the stage as did presenter RYAN SEACREAST.

The show also saw ex-contestants JAMES DURBIN and Jennifer Hudson return to their roots to perform and fellow contestant SKYLAR LAINE refusing to pick between whether she thought she was safe or not after her performance. Alongside Skylar and the saved Jessica, HOLLIE CAVANAGH, COLTON DIXON and PHILLIP PHILLIPS were also safe.