BEN AFFLECK showed he's getting over his break-up with Jennifer Lopez by partying with a group of women - then taking two of them home.

The Hollywood heart-throb was in New York on promotional duties for his upcoming movie Jersey Girl on Saturday (06MAR04), when he decided to visit hip Manhattan hot-spot G2.

Occupation therapist KIM PASTERNAK, one of the group of ladies revelling with Affleck, tells America's US WEEKLY, "He said it was good to hang with real people. He was having fun."

At 10.45pm, Affleck left with two of the women, saying the bar was too public.

He took them to best pal Matt Damon's East Village home - which boasts a movie theatre and a basketball court.

And when he learned both girls were already spoken for, he told them, "Forget about your boyfriends tonight."

But after a game of basketball, Affleck went to bed - alone.

His guests insist, "He was the perfect gentleman."

11/03/2004 10:04