Timothée Chalamet thinks it is an ''honour'' that Jennifer Lawrence has a crush on him.

The 22-year-old actor downplayed the 'Red Sparrow' actress' recent praise that she thinks the 'Call Me By Your Name' star is ''so, so talented and hot'', but he is very flattered to have caught her eye.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight' at the Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California, he said: ''I don't know if she said it exactly like that.

''As I've said before, she's a total legend.

She's an icon amongst young people where it's tough to have a career at a young age, and she's done that and then some. So, what an honour.''

Timothée has met Jennifer, 27, in the past and thinks she's ''awesome''.

He added: ''I've gotten to meet her a couple times. She's awesome. She's really... this whole ride has been f**king crazy.''

The 'Silver Linings Playbook' actress recently confessed to her crush on the 'Lady Bird' actor but admitted she thought he was too young for her, so was planning to wait a few years before she made a move on him.

She quipped: ''Timothée, I'm waiting for him to get a little bit older, you know?

''[I'm] buttering him up like a pig for slaughter, and then I'm going to swing right in there as soon as he's, like, 30.

''He's old enough to say that, right? He's over 18? What if I was like, 'He's hot!' and he's 15?'

''I didn't realise he was so young. Tell him to wait!... [He's] so, so talented and hot!''

The 'Hunger Games' actress - who previously dated the likes of Coldplay's Chris Martin, 40, and her 'Mother!' director Darren Aronofsky, 49 - recently claimed she is currently in ''single mode'' but predicted she'll soon be feeling lonely without a partner.

She said: ''I am in the single mode where I am like, 'Cool, I can do whatever I want and I can be alone and watch terrible TV.' And then, of course, in a few months I will be devastatingly lonely and feel like I'm on some long waiting list. But I am not there yet.''