Jennifer Lawrence's final turn as Katniss Everdeen, leader of the rebellion against Donald Sutherland's President Snow, has stayed on top for three weeks on both sides of the Atlantic.

This weekend the film took $3.5 million (£2.2 million) in the U.K., putting it in first place ahead of Disney Pixar animation The Good Dinosaur, which stayed in second with takings of $2.7 million (£1.7 million).

The U.K. chart remains largely unchanged from the previous weekend, with James Bond movie Spectre in third with $1.9 million (£1.2 million) and Tom Hanks' Cold War drama Bridge of Spies in fourth with $1.8 million (£1.1 million).

The only new addition is festive comedy Christmas with the Coopers, which premiered at five with $1.1 million (£683,000). It has replaced Johnny Depp's gangster thriller Black Mass, which dropped out of the top 10 after just one week in cinemas.