Hollywood is gearing up for the opening of The Hunger Games, a big-budget movie about teenagers who fight to the death on live television. Expectations are high for the movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, and after a wave of strong reviews, some analysts expect the movie to break box office records, reports BBC News.

While Disney are picking up the pieces from their huge flop John Carter, The Hunger Games has reportedly sold a million advance ticket sales and fans have been camping outside venues across the world to get a glimpse of the lead actress and her co-stars at the premieres. Though Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson are set to become three of Hollywood's biggest stars, the movie will also make the original author Suzanne Collins incredibly wealthy indeed, though the book has already sold 30 million copies. Industry insiders claim the movie could exceed the $116 million made by Alice in Wonderland, to make it the biggest March opener of all time. However, according to the Hollywood Reporter, studio bosses are predicting upwards of $140 million, which could see it surpass the $142.8 million that Twilight New Moon took in 2009. Lionsgate UK chief executive Zygi Kamasa said, "While you never want to jinx anything, I think it's going to be an exceptional opening. I also think it's a movie that's going to play and play, as people realise it's not just a film for young teenagers". Hollywood.com box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian said the film could achieve anything, telling the Associated Press, "This is one of those movies that because of that appeal to virtually every kind of audience, it could exceed even our strongest expectations this weekend".

The first film in the Twilight Saga made $70 million on its opening weekend, something The Hunger Games may have doubled come Monday (March 26, 2012).