The Avengers is projected to take north of $150 million during its opening weekend, demolishing its nearest competition, The Hunger Games. The blockbuster starring Jennifer Lawrence has conquered all before it in the past few weeks, though it's time for Marvel Studio's superhero epic to takeover.
Excitement for the movie has intensified after - a fan-site for director Christopher Nolan - reported that Warner Brothers have attached the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises to The Avengers this weekend. It's the perfect match and echoes the studio's decision to attach the final trailer for The Dark Knight to Marvel's Iron Man in 2008. The teaser trailer for Nolan's final Batman movie - once again starring Christian Bale - sent the web into overdrive earlier this year and fans are eager to see the final version. The Batman movie hits on July 20, 2012, though it's arguably not the biggest superhero story in town this year. Avengers Assemble is likely to secure one of the biggest openings for some time this week, and The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield, will hit screens later this year.
Marvel Studios has built an impressive publicity campaign for The Avengers, while Warner Brothers have struggled to maintain the hype for The Dark Knight Rises. Their teaser trailer drew criticism after fans complained of not being able to understand villain Bane (TOM HARDY).